ESD Packaging: Safeguarding Sensitive Components


At Estatec, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of ESD packaging solutions, meticulously crafted from conductive or dissipative materials, depending on your specific requirements. Our ESD packaging is designed to provide robust protection for sensitive devices, both within and outside the Electrostatic Protected Area (EPA). We cater to diverse industries, including electronics, medical, pharmaceutical, automotive, aerospace, and many others, where precision and ESD control are paramount.

EVA Foam Packaging

ESD Volumetric Foam EVA Packaging

Estatec's ESD volumetric foam EVA packaging is the ideal choice for short-term projects, whether you require high or low volume solutions. These packages never lose their dissipative properties and can be made conductive if necessary. Our packaging solutions can be tailored to your specific application, ensuring the utmost protection for your sensitive components..


Custom Designs: Tailored to Your Needs Sheet Size: 150 x 100 cm (+/- 1cm) Thickness Options: 20, 15, 12, 10, 5, and 3 cm Hardness: 50 Shore A Density: 0.15 gr/cm^3 Triboelectric Charge Generation: < 100 volts (ADV11.2) Lightweight and Volumetric Dissipative Material.


No Mold Required Custom Designs to Match Your Application Precision Cutting with Waterjet Technology

ESD Covers and Guards

ESD Covers and Guards

Estatec offers an array of ESD covers and guards, crafted from fabric, canvas, vinyl, and plastics, each meticulously designed to shield materials and machinery against various environmental conditions. These ESD covers provide a robust defense against physical contact, electrostatic discharges, induction of external charges, and contamination, ensuring the longevity and reliability of your equipment and materials.


ESD Covers and Guards Designed to Protect Materials and Machinery Shields Against Environmental Conditions, Physical Contact, Electrostatic Discharges, and More Dust Protection Options with Interior Visibility Prevents Induction of Charges Multiple Material Options, including RoHS 2 Certified Vinyl Honeycomb


Variety of Materials to Suit Your Needs Customized Designs for a Perfect Fit Trusted by Manufacturers and Distributors

Discover the Estatec advantage in ESD packaging and ensure that your sensitive components and devices are safeguarded against the risks of electrostatic discharge

Contact us today to discuss your specific ESD packaging requirements and explore how our solutions can enhance the protection and longevity of your critical assets. Trust Estatec for comprehensive ESD control solutions that meet and exceed industry standards. Your path to a safer, more secure ESD-controlled environment starts here.

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