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At Estatec, we offer a wide range of equipment designed to control and protect against electrostatic discharge (ESD). Our equipment is essential for maintaining a safe and compliant environment in various industries.

Leading Electrostatic and Cleanroom Solutions Provider


The World's first wearable wireless body voltage monitor!

Our continuous monitoring equipment provides instant warnings of wrist strap failures, increasing production efficiency.

Grounding Equipment

Our grounding equipment offers a reliable grounding point, ensuring that any static charges are safely dissipated.


Ionizers are used to neutralize static charges in insulative materials where grounding cannot be achieved.

ESD Control Related Instruments

These equipments are used to verify the performance of ESD control items, conduct audits and compliance verifications. As authorized distributors for Prostat, we offer a selection of their high-quality ESD control products. Prostat’s product range includes advanced resistance meters, wide range ohmmeters, resistance/resistivity indicators, standard kits, and fixtures and probes.

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