The Coverall is a full-body uniform designed to control the induction of charges and particle generation inside controlled rooms. It’s an essential part of Estatec’s product line, offering comprehensive protection against electrostatic discharges.


Full Body Coverage

The Coverall provides full body coverage, ensuring maximum protection against electrostatic discharges.

Particle Control

It helps control the generation of particles inside controlled rooms, making it ideal for cleanroom environments.

Charge Control

The Coverall is designed to control the induction of charges, reducing the risk of damage to ESD-sensitive devices.

Liquid Resistance

The Coverall can also be resistant to liquids, providing additional protection in certain environments.

Customizable Fabric Options

We can make coveralls with all different cleanroom fabrics as described below. These fabrics have qualities that make them excellent choices for cleanroom environments.


CleanStat HD

This ESD fabric is composed of 99% polyester and 1% carbon yarn. It meets the requirements for Class 10 (ISO) 4 and above, making it suitable for use in demanding environments such as semiconductor, microelectronics, and aerospace applications. Available colors: Navy and

CleanStat AD

This fabric is an exceptional and reliable choice for cleanroom environments where Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) properties are crucial. It is not only lightweight but also durable and comfortable to wear. Sizes: XS to 3XL. Available colors: navy blue, sky blue, white, orange, black, oxford, indigo and turquoise.

Uniform dissipative to cover full body of the operator controlling the induction of charges and particle generation inside the controller rooms, it can also be raincoat to liquids.

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