Cleanroom CleanStat SW (Microdenier Sandwash) Garments: The Epitome of Cleanliness and Comfort

Inner Garment

In the realm of cleanroom environments, the quest for immaculate cleanliness and supreme comfort is relentless. At Estatec, we recognize the critical importance of underclothes dissipative in delivering an environment that not only adheres to the strictest cleanroom standards but also prioritizes the comfort of the workforce. Our range of Cleanroom CleanStat SW (Microdenier Sandwash) garments excels in both these aspects, making them an indispensable part of your cleanroom attire.

Types of Cleanroom CleanStat SW

(Microdenier Sandwash) Garments

The Elegance of Dissipative Comfort

Our underclothes dissipative collection seamlessly complements dissipative coveralls, creating an ensemble that sets a new standard for comfort and cleanliness. Engineered with precision, our underclothes dissipative garments are exceptionally effective at filtering particles and controlling electrostatic fields in highly controlled cleanroom environments.


Cleanrooms often require protection against various chemicals and contaminants. The CleanStat AD fabric is known for its chemical resistance, making it suitable for environments where hazardous chemicals might be present. This attribute ensures the fabric maintains its integrity and performance even in challenging conditions.


The dissipative Shirt serves as an essential undergarment or first layer beneath dissipative coveralls in the most controlled cleanroom environments. Crafted from CleanStat SW fabric, these Shirts not only embody the same level of cleanliness but also offer an exquisite level of comfort. With additional attributes, such as a brooch and cardigan cuff, they combine functionality with elegance.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Our reputation for delivering superior cleanroom solutions has made us the trusted choice of industry leaders in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and beyond. They rely on our Cleanroom CleanStat SW garments to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness, comfort, and electrostatic discharge control.

The Assurance of Excellence

At Estatec, our commitment to excellence extends beyond the fabric. We understand the precise demands of cleanroom operations across diverse industries. Our Cleanroom CleanStat SW garments are meticulously designed to ensure that particle filtration and electrostatic field control are at their most effective. Moreover, our dedication to comfort ensures that your workforce can perform their tasks with utmost ease.

Your journey to a cleaner, more comfortable, and safer cleanroom environment starts here.

When you choose Estatec for your Cleanroom CleanStat SW garments, you're choosing a partner dedicated to upholding the highest levels of cleanliness and comfort in your critical cleanroom operations. Reach out to us today to discuss your specific cleanroom garment requirements and discover how Estatec can enhance the cleanliness, comfort, and ESD protection in your cleanroom environment. Count on us for comprehensive cleanroom solutions that redefine the standards for a pristine, comfortable, and highly efficient workspace.

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